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Invest in real estate

Invest in a holiday home

Real estate is a low-risk investment, especially with GreenResorts Mooi Bemelen. This stunning holiday park in Limburg, located on top of the Bemelerberg and close to Maastricht, offers unique investment objects. The luxury holiday homes, available in four different models, are perfect for a holiday in this country or for rental. With panoramic views on the surrounding landscape, many resort facilities, the proximity of bustling cities and the beautiful nature make this a popular destination for Dutch and international tourists.

Investing in a holiday home generates returns through two channels; returns in holiday fun when you use it yourself, and returns when you rent out. GreenResorts Mooi Bemelen makes your investment even more appealing by guaranteeing multiannual net returns of 7.5% per year (with full rental). The professional rental company takes everything out of your hands which means that you don't have to worry about it. It also means that you can enjoy your investment carefree.

An investment for your savings with high returns

The recreational real estate offer consists with GreenResorts Mooi Bemelen of luxury holiday homes on their own land. The homes, named Biebosch, Ravenbosch, Schaelsbergerbosch and the two-stories high T Rooth Royal vary from 50 to 200m2. They are delivered completely finished with a beautiful interior and exterior, luxury bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a cozy living room. The garden is also completely landscaped, including a terrace. Sustainable materials are used which means that the holiday home is low-maintenance. In other words, you can invest in real estate of an incredible luxury and quality with Mooi Bemelen .

Of course you can also choose from multiple types of investments. Real estate is a form of investing that has almost the least associated risks. Include the various benefits with this, like tax benefits and capital growth, and you have an investment which you can enjoy carefree for many years.



The ideal second home with demonstrable good rental results.
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VAT is tax deductible, and no income tax on your returns.
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A luxury vacation home especially developed for rental.
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An investment for your savings with high return

The recreational property offering at GreenResorts Mooi Bemelen consists of luxury holiday homes on their own plots. The houses named Biebosch, Ravenbosch, Schaelsbergerbosch, and the two-storey T Rooth Royal range from 50 up to 200m2. They are fully finished with beautiful furnishings and exterior, luxurious bathrooms, spacious bedrooms and a cozy living room.

The garden is also fully landscaped, including the terrace. The use of durable materials makes the holday home low maintenance. In other words, at Mooi Bemelen you can invest in real estate of unprecedented luxury and quality.

Of course you several types of investment options to choose from. Real estate is a form of investment that entails one of the lowest risks. Add to that the various benefits, such as tax benefits and adding to your assets, and you have an investment that you will enjoy for many years without a care.


The benefits of investing in real estate with GreenResorts Mooi Bemelen in a row:

  • Rental and personal use
  • Personal professional rental company
  • Located in an appealing holiday area
  • Extensive facilities
  • Qualitative and sustainable homes
  • Holiday homes on own land
  • 7.5% guaranteed multiannual net returns
  • Maintenance-free with lifelong lifespan

Would you like more information on the investment possibilities in real estate at Green Resort – Mooi Bemelen? Contact our advisors for more information without obligation, or ask for a brochure with additional information about the homes.


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